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As of January 1st, 2019, Puliz Moving and Storage will no longer be offering household moving and storage services.

We are committed to the finest in Records Management Services and Document Shredding Services. For more information contact Rob LaVoy at 775.345.3875, or Greg Puliz at 702.331.8277.

Maybe your business is . . .

  • Banking & Financial
  • Legal
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  • Insurance
  • Communications
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. . . or some other business with heavy document management responsibilities. Whatever your business, its main focus is certainly not document management or you wouldn't have landed on this web site. You're likely here because you've already realized that as your business grows, trying to manage documents in-house can lead to costly inefficiencies, waste, and unnecessary frustration.

Puliz Records Management's main business is document management. We can help you! We provide full service records management services to businesses of all types and sizes in Reno, Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, and their surrounding areas. We serve all companies, large or small, so consider outsourcing your records management to Puliz. We have your Document Management Solution!

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